Turbo Mobile Enterprise

November 1st, 2013

Turbo Mobile EnterpriseUPDATE Version 2.1! Smooth interface, bug fixes, easy installation and activation!

The Turbo Mobile Enterprise is a highly-reliable gateway for sending SMS messages, automated voice messages, and customized voice messages to any phone number in over 220 countries. Turbo Mobile enables you to create campaigns for your contacts and schedule them to be delivered in your timezone, and at the exact minute you prefer. One of the most unique features about Turbo Mobile is the ability to create a customized voice message by using our record sound service.

Turbo Mobile Enterprise offers users the ability to import their existing contacts and schedule messages immediately. No opt-in confirmations are required as it is the user’s responsibility to not deliver spam messages to recipients.

Joomla – 1.5 or higher
PHP – 5.2.6 or higher
MySQL – 5.0 or higher

1 credit = 1 SMS message (international)
5 credits = 1 voice message (additional for international)
Send or schedule SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world.
Send or schedule Voice messages to any mobile phone and landline in the world.
Create your own audio file/voice message.
Send or schedule a customized voice message to any mobile phone and landline in the world.
Get real-time reporting of SMS and voice delivery.
Cancel campaigns that haven’t been delivered.
Import and export contacts to a contact group
Pay-as-you-go Credit System.

NOTE: Spammers will automatically have their accounts deactivated as this rule is strictly enforced due to the FCC.