Tweet Embedding using Shortcode

May 25th, 2012

Twitter has a nice option to embed a single tweet in web site using shortcode or adding direct html embed code. We just made this happen and easy for Joomla user using our own shortcode method with tons of options. We have several option for content and k2 component.

Adding tweet in joomla using shortcode is just easy like

{cbtweet url=”″ /}

Supported Components

==Joomla default
=K2 CCK(com_k2)

==Basic Joomla specific Features
=Enable/disable in Popup
=Enable/disable in Ajax request
=Enable/disable in RSS request
=Enable/Disable in home page and also =include/exclude by item ids

===Default Joomla Content Component & K2 Component specific Features

=Enable/disable in category view
=Enable/disable in section view(j1.5 version only)
=Enable/disable in categories view
=Enable/Disable for specific section(j1.5 only) and category

Note: Please note that category filter will not work in some condition like category, categories view etc in joomla 1.6 or higher.

==Also from plugin setting

=Tweetbox width(Works when align is none)
=Tweetbox align
=Asynchronous loading of twitter javascript
=Add twitter javascript -yes/no