Twitter Talk

August 6th, 2012

Twitter Talk

This widget will display the most recent tweets for any twitter user who has their tweets set as public. Show up to 20 tweets. Include a link to your twitter profile and a twitter icon or your profile picture.

Include “time ago” timestamps below each tweet just like twitter. Updates automatically and looks great in any sidebar or widget area.

Twitter Talk displays search results in real time! Use Twitter to your individual or company advantage when you display this custom twitter display on your Joomla website. Collect valuable twitter followers and make the display whatever color you would like. Grow your twitter platform today with this custom twitter Joomla display

Twitter Talk For Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5.

This module allows you to display Twitter Tweet updates that contain only the search query you want on your Joomla site.

Features Include:
1. Twitter Search Query,
2. Twitter Title Caption,
3. Customized Twitter Dimensions
4. Customized Twitter Width and Twitter Height.
5. Auto Twitter Width Appearance
6. Customize Twitter Shell Background
7. Custom Twitter Shell text
8. Custom Twitter Color Tweet Background
9. Custom Tweet color Link color Preferences
10. Twitter Poll for new results
11. Twitter Scrollbar
12. Twitter Number of Tweets
13. Number of Tweets Hashtags
14. Twitter Timestamp
15. Shows Twitter Avatars
16. Shows Top Tweets Interval behavior
17. Loop Results for Timed Interval or Tweet Interval