Two Factor Authentication

November 5th, 2013

Two Factor AuthenticationTwo Factor Authentication is a 100% Open Source, free to use security system for your Joomla site’s backend. Two Factor Authentication works in collaboration with the Google’s famous Authenticator App.

Installing this app adds an extra layer of security in addition to the Joomla’s Backend login module.

After you install this App, every time a hacker tries to gain access to your site’s backend by entering a password then another module of Two factor Authentication will pop up instantly and it will ask for a unique Time-based One-Time Password and it will only be generated on your Cellphone via Google Authenticator App. So, this new layer will add up to the strength of the security at your end.

Two Factor Authenticator secures the signing in process using 2 constants-
+ Something you know i.e. your site’s backend password.
+ Something you have i.e. your mobile phone (to generate the one time code).

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Main Key Features are:-
1. Two Step Authentication Setup with Google Authenticator.
2. Verify with a Barcode.
3. Verify with a Key.
4. Backup Codes.
5. Logging in with Two Step Authentication.

New Features (in version 2.0):-

1. Available for backend as well as frontend login.
2. 2FA has been made configurable for your ease.
3. User profile specific: The admin can enable the plugin for all his users and now the users will be able to choose whether to use the security feature or not.