TZ Multi Slideshow

October 19th, 2013

TZ Multi SlideshowApart from a normal slideshow module – single slideshow, this is a completely different module: Multislide. Why multi? Because this integrates three famous slideshows in the world: flexslider, zoomslider and nivoslider into one – which certainly not only saves time but makes users feel so excited.

Zoomslider: This slideshow surprises users at the first sight. You can see images moving and moving always in the manners of being close to you or being far from you

Flexslider: This slider is characterized by thumbnails at the bottom. Besides being displayed or not, these thumbs can be lift up or down by adjusting thumb bottom parameter.

Nivoslider: unlike flexslider, nivoslider does not support thumbnails. Instead, it is featured by many effects such as: Fade, Fold, Slice Down Left, Box Rain GrowReserve….