TZ SlideShow

December 9th, 2011

TZ SlideShowTZ SlideShow assists to display most special articles by pictures in the home page of website. TZ SlideShow support with Joomla Content and K2.

It displays articles in the category by slideshow, and users can customize facilities as following:

+ Number of articles to display

+ Image display effects: fade, fold, sliceDown, sliceDownRight, sliceDownLeft, sliceUpRight, sliceUpLeft, boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, and random.

+ Image size (Xlarge default)

+ Introtext: choose to display introtext

+ Start slide: choose this function to start a slide from the article chosen

+ ControlNav: choose to display controller slide

+ PauseOnHover: choose to turn on/off stop mode in slide when mouse up.

+ CaptionOpacity: customize the opacity of introtext place (range 0-1)

+ Animspeed: time between displaying 2 images (1000 1s)

+ PauseTime: time to pause between 2 images

+ BorderRadius: customize the border radius of the slide.