uFIXI Ticket Booking Pro

March 26th, 2013

uFIXI Ticket Booking ProThe componet is a multiple ticket booking software. In frontend everyone can upload the events and the related tickets. To the ticket booking needn’t to complicated registration for users. To the booker users only need give their name and email address, for the reservation.

Features in the Pro version
Frontend for the multiple event & ticket administrator

-Creating events: The registered users can create their own events and related tickets. One step of the event and tickets to create a simple and attractive interface. Three main types of ticket of ticket type can be set in the software, of free and paid, or donation.
-Change events: The created by the user events and managing change is possible.
-Reminder events: The event is opportunity for booker users to send a message of the reservation system. For example, reminders can be sent or other important information about the connected events.
-List of registered: In addition you can send list of booker users (booked tickets) at the your registration given email address.

Frontend for the booker users
-Booker users: The tickets are simply booked or reserved, does not require complex registration.
-Booker users: The events menu it is possible to browse the generated events. Can selected category, or name to search.
-Booker users: The listed events, click on the name to see the event details and tickets can be booked, from the event. For the event registered people (booker users) in email to receive confirmation for their tickets.The booked tickets simply can print.
-Booker users: The user can get list previously booked tickets, and time, name and type of filter. (Booked tickets option can be used if done via Joomla! registration.)

Backend for the site administrator
-The administrator can create and update all events and related tickets.
-The event is an opportunity for all booker users to send a message the backend component software.
-Fee (commission) setup:
–The percentage of fee: The stated ticket price to charge certain percentage commission.
–Fixed fee: It is possible to charge a certain amount for each ticket after.
–Show fee on frontend: For booker users, the fee calculation to be visible or invisible.
-Sold tickets: Tickets can list int the system. In addition it is also possible to filter the contents, to send of the previously defined email address.