Ultania PDF Certificate Maker

April 29th, 2012

Ultania PDF Certificate MakerGenerate a one-page PDF document on the fly with dynamic content such as the date and logged in user’s name. Use it to create a certificate of completion, certificate of membership, certificate of participation, gift certificates, or other dynamic 1-page PDF documents.

Numerous border images are included (more colors are available) or you can create your own. Use a full page image as the background or use smaller images to make a tiled background.

Basic options include the ability to display the PDF document in an iframe or a link to the PDF document.

See the plugin’s parameters to change the settings for Basic Options, Link Mode, Iframe Mode, Certificate Content, Certificate Background, File Locations, Certificate Quota / Disk Space, and Certificate Metadata. You can override any parameter in a specific tag. (This is how you can display multiple certificates with different purposes on the same site if needed.)