Ultimate Facebook Likebox Slider

May 26th, 2013

Ultimate Facebook Like box Slider is a module to display your Facebook wall and fans in a nice left/right slider with many options to customize it and a color picker to choose the colors that match your theme.

There are many extremely good reasons to put a Facebook like box on your web site. Here’s a list of a some reasons to put a Facebook like box on your site.

The Facebook brand has a sense of authority. Having a Facebook like box on your site will make you site more reputable.

Having the Facebook like box on your site increases the likelihood that your website will go “viral” as buddies suggest you to their close friends who then recommend it to other friends, etc…

Using the Facebook like box is a free means of advertising – That is right, it is totally free.

The Facebook like box lets your website accumulate fans for Facebook pages in a manner that’s more efficient than a like button.

When a user clicks on webpage’s Facebook like box, the Facebook page corresponding to the website joins the user’s list of liked things and a story to that effect publishes to friends’ news feeds.

That individual who clicked the Facebook like box also effectively becomes a subscriber to the Facebook page corresponding to the website.

The Facebook like box is a more valuable addition to websites than the like button because it lets sites conveniently retain a connection with their visitors through a Facebook page.

If you have a Facebook fan page you should add a Facebook like box to your website. The Facebook like box allows the display of fan page activity right on your website.

One reason this Facebook Like Box is so valuable is because visitors to your website can become a fan of your Facebook page without ever having to leave your site. This will allow you to communicate with these visitors after they leave your site via status updates and posts that will appear in their Facebook newsfeeds. And since most Facebook like box users check their newsfeed on a daily or hourly basis, this is extremely valuable and FREE advertising. Installing the Facebook Like Box on your website will help you get more likes, more quickly.

Use the Facebook Like Box to: see how many Facebook like box users already like this page, and which of their friends like it too, read recent Facebook like box posts from the page, like the Facebook like box Page with one click, without needing to visit the page.

More reasons to add a Facebook like box: expression of affinity (allows your guests to show that they ‘like’ your website, more engaged users (using the Facebook like box increases user engagement), Email marketing capability (once a user uses the Facebook like box to like your page they are added to your fan base allowing you to send broadcast style emails to your fans), Facebook like box allows for viral syndication of content, Facebook like box increases potential for increased website traffic, Facebook like box becomes part of Facebook Graph.