Ultimate Site Tools

November 19th, 2011

Ultimate Site ToolsTired installing a dozen of plugins to your J! website?
Tired updating a dozen of plugins?

Solution is here! The Ultimate Site Tools plugin is 12 actions to 1 plugin! All actions can be enabled or disabled separately from the others . Install one – Maintain One!

Quick Overview

Set Site Generator name – (Change generator tag for security reasons – bots can search and detect that is a Joomla site)

SEO Title (Option for other title at front-page and other for other pages)

HTML Optimum Load (Strip out all double empty lines, comments and space tabs )

Refresh your page Periodically (This feature is useful for often updated sites (like news portals) )

Redirect from www to non-www or non-www to www (Use only one instance, google likes it)

Yahoo! Site Verify Code meta tag

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Google Webmaster tools (meta verification code)

Module’s Position Display (tp=1) only for Superusers (site protection)

Disable RightClick to not allow content copy

Group Password Reset Block for certain User groups (even custom) (Don’t allow hackers/bots to request password reset via Front-End (site protection) )

Advanced Email Cloak (based on Joomla’s default plugin) but with 2 important features! Our Cloak Email checks WHOLE page for e-mails not only in articles text and you can replace emails with PNG Images.. Now you can feel safe from spam bots!