Universal AJAX Live Search

August 8th, 2013

Universal AJAX Live SearchWhat is this extension for?

This extension dramatically change your concept about the search modules. Fancy design, real-time working and much more performance than you have ever seen on websites. There are many web pages nowadays, but make yours a unique one. Searching for an article or product never was so easy with this module. Impress your visitors with the clean design and increase your site usability!
Which Theme should I choose?

There are three fully customizable theme available with many predefined skins and settings:

Minimal Theme

This Theme can be the part of your site like it was always there. Select the most suitable skin, what totally fit to your template, or explore your talent, and create custom ones. Whichever you choose, the result of the setting will be a well-designed search module. Moreover in this theme the results will appear in a very unique way, like pictures on wall. We recommend this theme if you would like to search in galleries, or sites, where the images are in the focus.

Elegant Theme
Elegant Theme represent the discreet visualization of the Live Search. With many options it can make similar to your existing modules and can become a part of your site. Searchbox is extremely important on websites, this theme won’t make you disappointed.

Simple Theme
This theme has the most clean design. Simple enter the keyword, and the results will appear under the search box. Suitable for company sites, where there are only 2 or 3 main colors in the template. Check the live demo: Simple Theme Demo.

Why does it better than the default search module?

The most important fact is the speed. Nowadays everyone knows and used the Google every day to get the most relevant information in a few seconds. The attitude of the people has been changed, they need the most suitable and relevant content in a short time. The Search Module is the most common part of a good website, so you need the best of them! Many useful features included in this extension, like the keyword suggestion, what also can helps for the user to start the right search.

Which Joomla versions are supported?

Joomla! 1.5
Joomla! 2.5
Joomla! 3.x

What kind of search results does it show? Why is it universal?

This module can show the search results from the most of search plugins which can be installed to Joomla. Many of them has an improved version developed by us, to also show images in the result list.

VirtueMart 1.1 & 2 – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Redshop – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Tienda – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Ixxo Cart – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
K2 – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Zoo – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Ignite Gallery – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Phoca Gallery – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
Jomsocial – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
EasyBlog – fully supported by AJAX Live Search
and a lot more!