Universal Currency Converter

September 30th, 2013

Universal Currency ConverterConvert any Currency with Live Exchange Rate Inside Module Position. Useful and Smart.

Universal Currency Converter and Rate Display is capable to calculate and display current exchange rates inside a Joomla Module. It has four display layouts. The source of Exchange Rates is Google Finance and shows you live exchange rate of the day. Supports almost all global currency and display upto 10 currencies simultaneously in Module area.

* Displays Currency Converter and Live Exchange Rate
* Support for 94 currencies
* Display up to 10 Currencies at the same time
* Set Default Currency and Amount for Calculator

* 4 Display Layouts
— List
— Calculator
— List with Calculator on top
— List with Calculator at bottom

* AJAX based Calculator
* 2 Secured Methods to Call Data (CURL and fopen)
* Joomla! Native Cache Support

*** Flag for currency
*** Conversion works in both direction (Currency one to currency two and vice versa)