Updated Look for IEBlog

December 18th, 2011

Today we introduce an updated look and layout for the IEBlog. Here’s an overview of the design and layout changes we made:

  • New font family – We’re using the Segoe UI font to align with Windows 8 Metro style.
  • New color scheme – We have a new color scheme inspired by the Windows 8 Metro style Start screen.
  • Improved performance – The blog’s home page defaults to excerpt view. This substantially reduces load time since excerpts do not contain images or videos.
  • Fewer borders – We’ve removed the borders around the right rail items resulting in a cleaner look.
  • Updated right rail content – We’ve removed the tag cloud and limited the monthly archive list to 24 months. The links section has been updated somewhat and we’ve added the Microsoft Translator machine-translation widget for visitors who may wish to read our blog in languages other than English.

We hope you like the new style as much as we do.

—Ted Johnson for IEBlog