UPLO HTML5 Uploader

April 16th, 2013

In few words, every Joomla site ”must” companion to handle an intuitive way users uploads requests and increase site interactivity.

Implemented as Joomla module, to use all benefits of such approach. And give to site master the ability to enhance site interactivity and increase the site attractiveness.

Arrived with a number of attractive features:

**Send user uploads directly to a mail address, defined from backend.

**Resize upload images on fly, before uploading, on desired size, defined from backend.

**Defining separately upload and final store path. So implement farther processing you need.

**Filtering uploads by size, type and max files number per upload.

**CSS, HTML5 and pure JavaScript.

**Uses drag and drop area, or files select button. For more styling can to eliminate the select button and use drag and drop area.

** Easy CSS styling at your own desire. Already 3 templates included.

**No additional JavaScript library needed.

Next version may come with directory upload and huge files handling.