UPS Shipping Module Enhanced

March 3rd, 2012

UPS Shipping Module EnhancedThe UPS Shipping Module Enhanced is an enhanced tool that allows you to disregard Virtuemart’s admittedly lame free shipping setting in their back end, which just gets rid of all shipping options entirely as your customers go through the cart, and gives you the power to apply a unique free shipping amount to every individual US domestic shipping option that UPS offers. This allows you to provide tiered incentives to your customers to spend more money in order to get faster shipping.

We developed this tool specifically for our own customers, who can now offer, for example, free US UPS Ground for orders over $100, Free US UPS 3 Day select for orders over $300, free US UPS 2nd Day Air for orders over $500, etc. Hey Pops, I think you get the idea!

Easy to download and install. We set it up so that you don’t have to overwrite the core files that come with Virtuemart. Now you can set this up before flipping the switch, and any updates to core files from Virtuemart done during a VM update won’t affect your new shipping module. Sweeeeeet!

Please Note: We have not bothered to set up free shipping fields for any of the international shipping options as we have not had a single retailer ever ask for it. If you ever want it please let us know. But unless you are shipping products in which you get a 90% margin and an average order over $1,000, don’t bother – In Our Humble Opinion. Sheesh, if you have one of those businesses please let us know so we can buy in to it!