User Group FTW For Hikashop

December 17th, 2013

User Group FTW For HikashopThis is a free plugin for hikashop Business/Essensial. By publishing it, one field will change the newly registered customer’s group in Hikashop registration form (and checkout) by your choise.

Use a custom field from the Hikashop registration form and select a different user group per field value.

Just configure field name and Registered Group id and create a custom field in Hikashop with values of the selected group id for example if you wish to add someone to the manager group the value of the manager lable at the custom field should be 6.

Plug-in features:

– Choose up how many groups you like.

– Field name can be changed in configuration.

– Removal from default group can be changed

– Much easier now.

NOTE: this plugin requires Hikashop Essensial or Business.

New to version 1.1.4:

– Fixed a security bug that caused login not requiring password when using Reset password.

– Added Joomla! updater support to easly update next versions.