USPS Shipping for Virtuemart

December 20th, 2013

USPS Shipping for VirtuemartThis software provides United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping integration with Virtuemart shopping cart based on the weight of the products in a customer’s cart.

– The USPS Shipping plugin v6.2 supports USPS Domestic API v4 and USPS International API v2 using cURL or HTTP Post. v6.1 addressed API changes made by USPS on 7/28/2013.
– Works in Joomla! versions 1.7 & 2.5. Virtuemart 2.0.4 and greater.
– NEW! Smart Flat Rate Box option: This feature checks that the dimensions of all products fit into the flat rate box. If not the flat rate box option will not be available. This option will only work if dimensions (width, length, height) are added to the products. Also the flat rate box methods (small, medium, large) must be ordered from smallest to largest to exclude larger sized boxes if they already fit into a smaller box.
– 32 US Domestic shipping options and 21 International options.
– Automatically update shipping cost for the selected USPS shipping method when the cart is modified.
– Supports Virtuemart’s ability to auto select the shipping method during checkout if only one shipping service is available.
– Ability to limit specific USPS shipping options based on country, zipcode ranges, order amount or shopper groups.
– Add percentage or flat dollar handling fee for each USPS shipping method. For example, USPS Priority Mail could have a 5% handling fee while USPS Priority Mail Express could have a 7% handling fee. The percentage handling fee can be based on the shipping method cost or the total cart cost.
– The use of Virtuemart tax rules for USPS shipping methods.
– Shipping costs based on product/cart weight (currently does not support cart size dimensions or total weights greater than 70lbs).
– One request is made to USPS external service for all methods defined in Virtuemart.
– Ability to use a proxy server when initiating the web service call to USPS (some hosting environments require the use of a proxy server).

One-time payment to use on all your websites for ever. Subscription provides support and updates for 1 year.