Vertical drop menu for K2

September 26th, 2013

Vertical drop menu for K2Navigation was never so enjoyable

This powerful drop menu can display your K2 categories and contents, or only the categories. So by one click you can navigate to everywhere inside your webshop.

Make navigation easier for your visitors

For visitors it’s very important to see easily the contents of your site, therefore you need to organize your categories and articles into a logical structure. A well-structured webpage means a lot, but a user-friendly and an easy-to-use menu is highly necessary. Drop menus are very popular worldwide so it shouldn’t be missing from your site. This professional menu system will satisfies your all desires. Moreover a demanding and aesthetic menu gives more confidence to your visitors.

Fits almost to every template

You can customise the menu easily in a couple of minutes to fit perfectly into your site. There are more different themes and each theme has a lot of skins, so I’m sure that you will find the right looking.

Feature List

+ Easy to use
+ Display of submenus is fast and spectacular
+ Unlimited deep of levels
+ Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) support
+ No conflict with other JavaScript engines
+ Easy to style
+ The newest Web 2.0 technologies
+ Easily deployable
+ Supports LTR / RTL languages

Intelligent submenu positioning

It’s my nightmare when a submenu is larger then the avaiable space and you need to scroll down to see it, but scrolling is a bit difficult when you need to keep the cursor over the submenu. Finally it’s over! This menu displays its submenus allways in the right place.