Vertical Floating Video Showcase

July 16th, 2012

Vertical Floating Video ShowcaseYou have great product reviews in video format that you wish to showcase within your site? You want your visitors not to leave your website while visiting? Your company has tons of official videos on youtube that you wish to share? Video testimonials to add to a page with high visibility?

For all of the above and more cool application, we’ve just released Vertical Floating Video Showcase, a system plugin for Joomla that allows to show any number of youtube videos. It supports number of separate videos to be loaded one after another, or load playlist and channels.

The product has great transition effect, utilizes caching and does not affect your site’s performance since we only show static image thumbnail on site loading. Only after click by visitor, the plugin loads the actual video. It also supports mobile device detection for disable/ enable purpose. It supports id filter so that you can choose where to show this and where not. Can skip for homepage as well. What’s more? It support sharing to Social Networks on the fly from the videos.

Basic Plugin features
> Enable/Disable on Popup windows
> Enable/Disable for RSS
> Enable/Disable for Ajax
> Skip/show in Homepage
> Itemid filter with included only/exclude only options
> Enable/Disable for Mobile devices (small screen devices)

Video Related Settings
> Display video with Youtube Video ID, Video > > Playlist ID or Channel Name(aka Username)
> Can take input of multiple video ID in comma separated format
> Set the number of video you want to show
> Design related features
> Define the vertical position for the floating button
> Define the vertical position in percentage or pixels (whichever is convenient)
> A nice collection of preset buttons in different sizes and colors.
> Option available for adding custom image for the button is necessary
> Option for setting custom height and width for custom image
> Choose the background color for the video display box from visual color picker or with Hex color code
> Slide in-out effect can be set on Click or on Mouse hover

Basic Social features
> Facebook Share
> Twitter Share
> Pinterest Share