Vertical Social Share Vote Button Plugin

February 9th, 2012

“Fixed vertical Social share and Vote button plugin” is a system plugin for joomla that helps to show social share button/vote buttonf or home page or current page url in left or right side vertical place in a flexible way. It’s doesn’t same thing like our another content pluginbut this one is a plugin.


Supported Social networks:

=Facebook for facebook share)
=Topsy(Alternative for twitter share)
=Tweetmeme(Alternative for twitter share)
=Google Buzz
=Yahoo Buzz
=Facebook Like
=Google plus
=Earner club

==More Features

=Skip option on Popup
=Skip option on Hhome page
=Skip options for specific Item ids
=Sort Buttons as weight
=Normal or compact button
=Show button count for home page or current page
=Custom or fixed/specific home page url
=Encode title or not
=Encode link/page link or not
=Float panel background color option using color picker
=Float panel border color option using color picker
=Float lefr or float right
=Vertical placement with percentage or px
=Custom control for each social share button