Vimeo Player Field for Mosets Tree

November 12th, 2012

Vimeo Player Field for Mosets TreeWith this extension you can create a new field into your Mosets Tree directory to insert a Vimeo video player.


1.- To install this extension you have to go: Components > Mosets Tree > column left click over ‘Custom Fields’.
2.- Do click at ‘Manage type field’ link on the top of the fields list. Now you have to ‘Add’ to create a new ‘field’.
3.- Upload the file ‘mFieldType_vimeo-1.0.0.xml’
4.- After uploading the file go back to ‘Custom Fields’ at the left column and edit the new field to publish it in the details view. Now you just have to insert the URL vimeo video at each listing of your Mosets Tree Directory.

Check our demo out!

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