Viral Payme FB

November 2nd, 2011

Boom! Market your Company, spread your products “viral”!

Get the Joomla & WordPress “Pay with a tweet” & “Pay with a Facebook Postwall”-Module for free and draw the attention, finally, to yourselves…

Would like to market your company, your product for free in combination with a viral marketing effect? For example, a music file, a product catalogue, software, a discount coupon or whatever? Profit now from our free Joomla & WordPress viral marketing system.

To get the positive effects for your company, simple download the brilliant “Pay with a Tweet” and “Pay with a Facebook Wallpost”-Module for Joomla & WordPress”.

If your website visitors want a product or something to download for free, they have to post your advertising message to Facebook or twitter in their own networks!

What already weighs more than a friend’s recommendation? Without distributing your advertising message, no download is enabled!

How it works?

Viral Marketing – How it worksIf a visitor want to get your free download, he simple must click on your “Pay with a tweet” or “Pay with a Facebook Wall post”-Button. It is passed through an extremely simple process, in which he prescribed a promotional message about your company or product on Facebook or Twitter.

So your Advertising Message spreads across the networks. Your company, your product spread virally quickly and the user can use it free of charge. Check it out!

The Best! “All your Download-Files are on your own Server! No Advertisements in the connection pop-ups!”

The Module is Non-Commercial…only you must pay with a twitter or facebook post!