Virtual Money

July 21st, 2011

Virtual MoneyThe Virtual Money Online Store developed by Nishan Systems is a Credit Based transaction system.It offers prepaid virtual money based content transaction system. This system let users register and create accounts and registered users would buy credits/virtual dollars using payment gateways such as PayPal and 2Checkout. It lets users spend these virtual dollars on getting access to content and downloads. It also creates opportunity to the users to earn credits by selling access to content or downloads.
Following are the main features of the product:
• It is a Joomla 1.5 component which comes in three different versions Enterprise, Advanced and Basic.
• It is a template independent component.
• The product offers three different levels of access which are
o Registered Users/Viewers.
o Publishers/Owners.
o Authors.
o Guests.
• Administrators can create categories, grant requests for upgrading and changing user access types and publish folders. They can also configure the payment system and view transaction reports. They can block/unblock users.
• Registered users can view the content gallery and download content of their choice after purchasing credits. Credits can be bought using payment gateways like PayPal and 2checkout. Credits will be deducted from the viewer’s account after downloading a content .They can further apply to become content owners by making requests to the administrator.
• Owners can upload content (videos, images, documents) and earn credits when any user downloads these contents. The owner can create folders where they can upload their content. They can also set the price by folder or by content. An owner can also download contents uploaded by other owners.
• Owners will permit authors to upload content.
• Guests are not required to register to see content galleries previews or listing, they need to register if they want to purchase or download a content item .
• Content items can be purchased either as a single item or a complete folder of items.
• A folder or any content once purchased can be downloaded more than once by the purchaser.
• Folders are compressed into zip files at the time of download.
• Content viewing in shadowbox is available.
• Content Owners can redeem earned credits into money from the payment center. Payments can be sent to content owners using their Paypal account or checks.
• The component is template independent and will work on most Joomla templates.