Virtuemart AlphaUserPoints payment processor

July 30th, 2013

Virtuemart AlphaUserPoints payment processorVirtuemart AUP Payment processor package contains: a payment processor that allows your users to pay their order with their AlphaUserPoints (component from as a currency. It also contains the AUP xml rule plugin and installation instructions. What it does: On Virtuemart payment selection page, the user can select AUPoints (or whatever you call it) payment method from the AlphaUserPoints component. The Payment class then checks if the costumer has enough points available on his account and if so, processes the payment and order, and deduces the amount from the user AUP account. If the user doesn’t have enough points, the payment is rejected and a warning is displayed.

Package contains 2 AUP rules: one for Points deduction when purtchase is complete, another one for points refund in case the order status is set to canceled or refunded.