VirtueMart Blaze Slide Show

May 1st, 2013

VirtueMart Blaze Slide ShowAnother cool slide show for virtuemart products display.
* Highly customizable
* Customizable border color
* Customizable tool-tip color
* Re-sizable
* Customizable Border radius
* Customizable image radius
* Customizable background fill type: gradient or plain
* Customizable gradient start and end colors
* Customizable background alpha
* Display image description text on mouse over / always
* Customizable image description background color
* Transition types: Zooms out, Fades in, Zooms in, Blur
* Adjustable description and Bar positions: top / bottom
* Customizable pre-loader color
* More than 5 types of text effects
* Customizable image transition time
* Customizable image transition speed
* Added new text effect: Linear Drop
* Added new image effect: Scales Bars
* New Price tag added
* Auto hide/ Hide the numbered bar (new in v 2.11)

Available Image effects
fades in
zooms out
Elastic Zoom In
Blur Zoom Out
Elastic Slide
Triple Squares
Horizontal Stripes
Vertical Stripes
Scales Bars
Bounce Slide
Alpha Mask
Intersected Bars

Available Text effects
Linear Fade
Linear Drop
Linear Elastic Drop
Linear Pop
Linear Elastic Pop
Random Elastic Drop
Random Elastic Pop