Virtuemart Bonus products

August 29th, 2013

Virtuemart Bonus productsThis component will give you the possibility to define ‘Bonus rules’ based on your customer purchase behavior and invite them to upgrade!

Compatible with Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2 !

The rules have a lot of parameters that you define whether or not to trigger the rule:
– products already in the cart
– cart amount (min and max)
– number of products/distinct products in the cart
– total weight of
– coupon redeemed

These rules can be filtered to apply only on some specific
– categories
– shoppers group
– manufacturers

Then when the rule is triggered, you can either
– give a percentage or amount rebate
– add one or several products
– the added products can be free or have a price as normally set in Virtuemart
– remove products from cart

The products to be added can have custom and advanced attributes, the customer will then be invited to select values for these directly from the cart.

And several more settings:

– Works with multi currencies
– Adds a category ‘Bonus’ unpublished where you can store your bonus products but not display them in your catalog.
– Optional check stocks. (ie. You can offer the bonus product while some are available or at any time)
– Optional check minimum order quantities. (ie, if you have it set to 2, you’ll need a set of 2 master products to have the bonus product added)
– Optional check maximum order quantities. (ie, if you have it set to 3 and have a set of 5 master products in cart, only 3 bonus products will be added)
– Not possible to add the bonus product directly in cart, it will be removed if the master products are not there.
– There is absolutly no hack to core Joomla or Virtuemart component.
– Custom and advanced attibutes handling for the bonus items
– Upsell in customer’s cart !
– Compatible with AWO Coupons