Virtuemart Rewards Points Extensions

April 2nd, 2012

Virtuemart rewards points extensions manages rewards points in joomla 1.5 – virtuemart 1.1.x or Joomla 1.7/2.5 and virtuemart 2.

Virtuemart alpha rewards points features a virtuemart component (com_vmalphapointstocash) and a virtuemart plugin (plg_vmalpharewardspoints), and six new alpha user points rules for managing points, extra bonus, and changing points to money.

• loyalties points from order amount
• adjustable ratio order/ either for earning points either for changing loyalties to money
• option for calculating points amount on order with or without VAT
• option to use decimal or integer points
• fixed quantity extra bonus points each order
• random quantity extra bonus points each order
• bonus for customer quantity of orders made in your shop
• bonus for global quantity of shop’s orders
• very easy method to change points to money, with a coupon with a free-quantity field to fill with desired points
• NEW! minimum quantity option for changing points to money
• NEW! maximum quantity option for changing points to money
• NEW! option, you can specify a multiple quantity of points for changing to money required.
• In VM1.1.x you can manage email message even if alphaUserPoints doesn’t. You can specify html/plain, subject and message for inform your customers when earning points or obtaining a code coupon after changing points to money
• AWO coupon compatibility

Rewards points and loyalties are one of the best promotion and Virtuemart misses this function, available on opencart, prestashop.

Now Joomla and Virtuemart is a robust, powerfully solution to improve customers satisfaction and you business.

Easy to use, both for seller and for customers! Virtuemart rewards points extensions perform a clean installation with everything it needs included. Just publish rules you want to use, setup plugin parameter and create a page from the component.