Virtuemart Smart Search

September 28th, 2011

Virtuemart Smart SearchModulesoft’s own developed Virtuemart Module named Virtuemart Smart Search helps you search for information on products available at its own Virtuemart Store. In Virtuemart Smart Search, you can get information on any particular product, like that product’s image, specifications etc. worked towards making this search engine very uncluttered, fast and perfect. It takes very less loading time and has some other popular options, like allowing you to add a searched product to the cart or to your wish list. Once you start using Virtuemart Smart Search, you are sure to marvel at the minimum use of mouse clicks and minimum execution time. Virtuemart Smart Search checks back with the different products several times a day to keep abreast of developments.

SMART SEARCH This is a process where user can browse his/her suitable product immediately and flexibly only by typing some letters/alphabets.Where he/she can avoid time of server execution/Script loading/Image processing etc.. Why we use Smart Search Faster Loading Perfect Output Faster Result Facility of some Popular Options Minimization of Mouse clicking Avoidance of Execution time