Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard

October 31st, 2013

Virtuemart Synthetic DashboardVM Synthetic Dashboard (for Virtuemart2.x+) is an administration module to be published at the cpanel module position. It will show on your Joomla adminsitration control panel a set of 6 tabs. First tab will show monthly statistics for your sales and orders with charts and tables (show as many months as you want starting from current month. Second tab lists latest received orders with order number, customer name, order status, order total price and order date. Third tab shows latest product reviews with review status (green or red for published or unbuplished), date, product name, review, rating and reviewer name. Fourth tab shows latest products with product status (green or red for published or unbuplished) product id, sku, price, product name and product category. Fifth Tab shows a list of latest shoppers, with user ID name, username. th nd last tab shows a RSS feed generator for your shop’s latest products. Every lists in these tabs are displayed as tables, amount of rows is a module parameter. Every item is linked to its corresponding page in Virtuemart.