Visit Card application for Sobipro

May 25th, 2013

Visit Card application for SobiproThe MyJoom Visit Card Application is a native Sobipro application designed to allow users to be able to download a visit card in .vcf file format.

The generated .vcf file will contain the Sobipro entry information for easy import into 3rd party programs like Microsoft Outlook, Google contacts, iPhone, Android, and many other contact managers. It is configurable in the Joomla! back-end and you can define what fields and options you would like to include in that output file. The front-end is fully customizable. You can include a Visit Card logo, and/or link in the detail and/or Sobipro vcard view.

The Visit Card files are generated dynamically on demand, when downloadable by the end user. This means that there is storage requirement on the server and any changes to an entry are reflected immediately when the user downloads the Visit Card.