visualtektur product configurator

September 12th, 2011

The “visualtektur 3D product configurator” displays products and allows you to view and configure them in an interactive way. With it’s intuitive handling, the plugin makes it possible to visualize products from all angles.You just need to put your product images in one folder, upload it on your server and write a small command line in a post (you’ll find an instruction on our website). No matter which platform or browser you are using, the vtpconfiguration works on every system (even iPhone, iPad and Smartphones with Android).
It is developed for the Joomla package version 1.5. On request, it is possible to implement it into other CMS structures for you.

– one click: start / stop the rotation
– double click on the viewer: invert the rotation direction
– click and drag the mouse (or finger on touch displays): rotate the product the way you want

The download file already includes some examples.