Vm coupons for Virtuemart

September 9th, 2013

Vm coupons for VirtuemartVM Coupons is the ultimate tool for issuing discount coupons. It allows you to issue up to 12 different types of coupons on your VirtueMart e-shop. It provides you with full control over the generated coupons while it shares the same graphic interface with Joomla making it easy and efficient to work on.

* 12 different coupon types
* NEW feature: Create discount coupons manually, that can be assigned to specific users, products, categories, user groups, countries and states.
* List of generated coupons
* Coupons to users assignment report
* Dates of availability (from – to date)
* Set the discount to percentage or amount
* Update administrator through email whenever a new coupon is generated
* Email templates with Wysiwyg editor
* How many times can a user use a certain coupon
* Order of a coupon type (meaning that when you have 2 coupon types that are valid on a purchase one of them will be generated depending on the order)
* All coupons are now targeted to certain products or product categories
* Coupons History
* SMS support by Clickatell. Send the coupons via sms.
* Free version for Joomla 2.5 to test

•Works with Virtuemart 1.1.X and Virtuemart 2
•The files that need to be changed are 2 VM files for joomla 1.5 and 1 VM file for Joomla 2.5

Coupon Types

1. When a new user registers on site
2. When an order exceeds a certain amount
3. When a certain product is sold
4. When a registered user invites “friends” on the site (Confirmation is made when the friend registers on site)
5. When a registered user invites “friends” and they subscribe on ccNewsletter
6. Give coupon depending on the payment method
7. Give coupon depending on the name of a user (you can use this celebrating the name days of your customers)
8. Give coupon depending on the shopper group
9. Give coupon depending on a certain product category
10-12. Give coupon when a user socializes with facebook, twitter or Google+. This is the Gsocial module personalized for VM Coupons.

New features. Better quality. More efficient. More flexible. Just try it!