VM Downloader

February 10th, 2013

VM DownloaderVM Downloader setup the downloadable products in Virtuemart store.

-Download Area available with file name and links for individual products.
-Upload all type of files
-Download Validity period set
-Version History maintain
-Unlimited file size supported
-Easy to install
-Compatible with all Virtuemart’s versions

Admin side:

It provides dynamic product listing from virtuemart. Easy to upload the product package for individual product.

*Upload Type :
– Can upload any type of file e.g jpg,png,doc,zip,rar,audio,video etc.
-File size unlimited

*Download Validity :
– Can setup the Individual Product download validity period e.g Number of days, Month or Year
– Maintain Version History for individual product with listed version number ,file names, type and date.
– Can update and delete the version any time
– Easy to handle version’s data

*Group Products Download :
-You can set Group of Product as one Product and define like special Package with multiple products.