VM PayPal Module

August 16th, 2011

VM PayPal ModuleWant an easy way to accept PayPal transactions on your site without a complicated shopping cart system? The VM PayPal Module for Joomla! 1.6+ will allow you to accept “Buy Now” transactions and donations on your Joomla site. Integrating PayPal in Joomla has never simpler.

If you’ve been looking for a Joomla PayPal module and have been frustrated by your options, check out the features below and our video demo on our site. The VM PayPal Module for Joomla is the professional solution for connecting Joomla and PayPal in a no-stress, cost-effective extension.


– Accept PayPal’s “Buy Now” and “Donate” transactions on your Joomla site
– Easy set-up, flexible and powerful – No programming experience necessary
– Helpful tooltips for every setting so you won’t ever feel lost
– Test mode enables you to use PayPal’s Sandbox before you go live
– Include an optional product description or purchase instructions within the module
– Allows users to enter a payment amount, select from multiple options, or you can set a fixed amount
– Choose from any of PayPal’s 20 supported currencies
– Add tax to the transaction as a flat amount or a percentage
– Collect or prompt for a billing address (this module does not store any transaction data)
– Add a flat shipping charge or charge per item sold
– Enter a URL to be notified by PayPal’s IPN on transaction completion
– Set return and cancel URLs
– Allow the user to enter a custom note to the merchant
– Use PayPal’s “Buy Now” and “Donate” buttons, with or without credit card logos, or customize your own checkout button
– Enter a product name to appear on the PayPal checkout page
– Enter a product item number to appear on the PayPal checkout page
– Set a product quantity or allow the user to enter their own or choose from set selections
– Default CSS styling means you don’t have to mess with the code – just install the module and begin using it
– The ability to use your own CSS styling and set your own IDs and classes allows you to customize the module the way you want
– Translated into English, Spanish, and French
– Email support
– Video demo and instructions


– Joomla 1.6+
– PHP 5.2+