VM Postcode for VirtueMart

December 21st, 2013

VirtueMart 2.0 Shipping Module/Plugin that allows a very simple configuration of all a countries Postcode – ZIP code areas in one method.
You do not need multiple shipping methods for every Postcode – ZIP code area PLUS it works perfectly with Alpha/Numeric codes as in the UK and Canada.

Has been tested on: USA ZIP Codes, UK Postcodes, Canadian Postcodes, French Postcodes, German Postcodes (PLZ), Australian Postcodes

Works with all country Postcode – ZIP Code system. Simple config – a comma separated list in the text area.
The format is:
Each zone is on a new line.

A Canadian example would be:
Canadian Provinces,A*B*C*E*G*H*J*P*R*S*T*V,15,0.15,150.00,300.00
Southern Ontario,K*L*M*N,10,0.10,100.00,150.00

Can be up to 4 digits as the postcode matching loops through 4 levels..

UK example for Central London Congestion Charge Area:(shortened but you get the idea)


Each Postcode Area in each Zone should be separated by an asterisk. The Postcode is checked in 4 steps to 4 digits so entries such as Y,Y1,Y1A and Y1A1 are valid.

BasePrice: Fixed fee – can be used in conjunction with the ‘Up To Weight’ condition setting an upper limit
PriceMultipier: a sum that is multiplied by the Sale price or Weight
Trigger: If the ‘Trigger’ is set to ‘Trigger by Weight’ and the weight is above this value then the PriceMultipier will be triggered.
If set and the ‘Trigger’ is set to ‘Trigger by Price’ and the Sale Price is above this figure then the PriceMultipier will be triggered.
PriceFree: If the Sale price is above this figure Shipping will be free

Default config section: Postcodes not found use the default values.

Install the Joomla 2.5 Plugin by using the standard Joomla installer.
Then enable the VM Postcode shipping plugin in the Joomla 2.5 Extensions->Plug-in manager.

Go to Virtuemart–>Shop->Shipment Methods and click ‘New’.
Configure the various parameters.

* Jan 2013 v1.1 extended weight and cost functions
* Feb 2013 v1.2 extended cost functions
* April 2013 v1.3 prefail zip functions
* Sept 2013 v1.4 choose prefail zip/postcode functions
* Sept 2013 v1.5 added alpha/numeric switch functions
* Nov 2013 v1.6 added popup functions to not found
* Dec 2013 v1.7 US State Taxes fix removed – fixed in core VM2.0.26