VM Product Builder

July 18th, 2013

VM Product BuilderConfigurator for VM1 and VM2. The user could build his own configuration , selecting various products from product groups.
Also predefined bundles could be purchased with 1 click.
A good example is a computer or a bike which consists of different parts that the user has to select.

# Features #

• Groups of products could be created either connecting a group with an existing category of Virtuemart or selecting manually the products of that group.
• Compatibility check functionality in order the user to select only compatible products. This functionality is based on tags between products.
• Division of the products selection process into steps (pages)
• Predefined product bundles could be created from the backend and added to cart with 1 click.
• A group could have a predefined default product selected as suggestion.
• Works also with attributes (VM1.1.x), custom fields (VM 2.0.x) and Child Products (Items).
• Overlay effect for displaying the final products that could be represented as sets of layers. A good example is a t-shirt with a stamp which consist of the t-shirt and the stamp.
• Everything in one screen. Select products, view the details of the selected product , select attributes if any and add to Cart. All these in one screen using AJAX functionality.
• Backend configuration of the display style using tools such as color palettes. This eliminates the need to edit and write css code.
• Works with Virtuemart 1.1.x and Vrtuemart 2