VM Products CSV

October 24th, 2013

VM Products CSVCSV Bulk Product import/export/update/syncronise for VirtueMart 2.

Features …

Supports 3 import modes: ‘Add’ (Only add products if they dont exist by SKU), ‘Update’ (‘Add’ plus update existing products by SKU), and ‘Syncronize’ (‘Update’ plus delete products not found in the CSV).
Accepts unlimited product images with optional thumbnails. Also handles category and manufacturer images, see below.
Validates each row before performing database operations.
Generates Product and Category page title, meta description, and meta keywords where not supplied using names and descriptions.
Supports multi-lingual Joomla/Virtuemart configurations. Uses VM languages settings. NOTE: In mode ‘Syncronize’ the deletion of products is NOT biased by language.
Validates passed ids (eg: virtuemart_vendor_id, manufacturer_id, product_currency_code, product_tax_id_or_name, product_discount_id_or_name, etc) and takes all precautions to prevent inserting invalid data into the database.
Supports creation of Category if not exists. Accepts name, description, image location, and parent id or name. Also allows for update of category name, description, image location, and parent category via CSV.
Creates Manufacturer if not exists. Accepts name, description, and image location. Also allows for update of manufacturer description and image location via CSV.
‘Featured Product’ switch.
‘Published’ switch.
Allows Parent Child Product association.
Supports Product Tax assignment by ID or name
Supports Product Discount assignment by ID or name
Records product weight, dimensions, stock quantity, and availability.
Checks for existing rows and performs update or insert operations.
Warns if you add an image that hasnt yet been added to the media gallery.
Supports Virtuemart custom plugin plg_vmcustom_downloadable (See Virtuemart Downloadable Products).