VM – Shipment – Fastway

December 21st, 2013

VM - Shipment - FastwayJoomla Virtuemart plugin VM – Shipment – Fastway by

Virtuemart Shipment Plugin for Fastway Courier Services.

Employs the Fastway API – Tested in v3 (latest at 28/10/2013).
Tested in Joomla 2.5 with VirtueMart 2.0 so far, if you get her running in J3 please let me know 🙂


– Supports countries: Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa.
– For multiple cart products: Splits into multiple parcels where required by weight and dimensions as per Fastway parcel limits.
– Supports “Normal” and “Frequent” service rate.
– Supports Parcels, Boxes, and Satchels.
– Allows setting of default item sizes and weights in case not set in Virtuemart.
– Prices and Providers/Depots via the Fastway API so always up-to-date.
– Lists/records Provider/Depot address and contact details to arrange pickup.
– Supports VM taxes.
– Allows you to charge packing and handling fees.
– Allows you to set a purchase amount for free shipping (ie: free shipping on orders over $100).
– Debug mode.