VM2 Wishlists

December 13th, 2012

Offer wishlists capabilities for customers: Wishlists , Havelists , Collection lists , Favelists , Recurrent purchases lists , etc…

Each list can have own privacy settings set by admin (public, site members, Jomsocial friends (if applicable), owner only ). Lists can be shared and sent via Email, Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn and QR code.

Products added to list are stored in the database for site members and in a cookie for guests. Cookie content gets added to the database automatically when guests become members.

VM2Wishlist can work with AlphaUserPoints component to reward points for adding products to a list and removing points when removing a product.
Jomsocial component is integrated (Community Builder coming soon) Shows owner avatar and links to profile. Also posting in activity stream when ading a product to a list.

Component comes with a content plugin used to show Add / Remove buttons for one or more lists on Virtuemart2 products details page.
Plugin gets installed during component installation as for the first default wishlist and AUP rules if AUP is installed.

This is a MUST have feature for any Virtuemart2 site.

Note: VM2Wishlists can work fine on Multilingual Virtuemart setups but List title and optional description can not be translated yet.