April 5th, 2013

VM2tagsEnhance your Virtuemart 2.x business and SEO with this simple yet powerfull product tags cloud feature. Add tags to your products, display tagclouds etc…

VM2tags is a very simple solution to setup.

Lists and paginates all products with a specific tag showing product thumbnail, name, short description, category, price and tags. It supports accents and non latin signs.

This one adds the tagging feature to Virtuemart products as a custom field plugin. It shows in the backend as a simple field where admin can add coma separated tags. In the product details page, it shows clickable tags below the product description.

A simple module to show a random tags cloud from your products tags. Tag font size vary according to the tag occurence. Admin can set in the parameters the smallest and largest font size, and the tag count limit to be displayed in the module. Tags can be filtered by current category if module is located on a category or product page.

+ (optional)
This is a search plugin. It is an improvement of the original Virtuemart search plugin that now includes searching results in product tags.
Free addon : (3D animated Flash tag cloud module)