VMChickenfoot popup

December 9th, 2011

VMChickenfoot popupSell more

Chicken Foot Popup allows you to sell more products, by offering products that may interest your customer during the order.

You have free shipping on your website ?

You have to communicate on that you give business benefits to the customer. Say simply that it is x € before there’s free shipping is not enough, you must also allow yours customers to have something else more interesting!

Chicken Foot Popup is going to offer on the ‘Order ‘ button, 4 differents products. Each one has a price that will allow your customer to have free shipping.

More than this, Chicken Popup will offer items that the customer has already seen on your store, because we also offer products that have an interest for the customer, a product that he will be tempted to buy!

Chicken Popup is running on Virtuemart 1.x