VoguePay Buy Now Plugin

May 31st, 2012

VoguePay Buy Now PluginSimple joomla payment plugin that allows you to embed “VoguePay Buy Now Button” in any joomla article directly.

1. Install the plugin
2. Go to Extensions->Plugin Manager and search for eCommerce – Voguepay – Joomla Plugin
3. Click on the plugin name
4. Select Yes for Enabled, Select Public for Access Level, Enter your VoguePay Merchant ID and select your button colour or enter a button url to use a Custom button.
5. Click Save.

To use the plugin on your content, add the following tag
{voguepay item(Your Item name) price(Your Item Price)}
{voguepay item(Your Item name) price(Your Item Price) description(Your Item Description)}

e.g {voguepay item(Branded Mug) price(2000)}
e.g {voguepay item(Branded Mug) price(2000) description(Brown and yellow Mug)}
License: Free/OpenSource (GNU/GPL)