Vote NOW for Drupal Association at large directors

February 3rd, 2012

Voting is now open for the 2012 election of at large directors of the Drupal Association. Two directors will be elected from among the ten candidates.

About the Drupal Association elections

When we designed a new governance structure for the Drupal Association last year, we decided that most of the board is selected through a nominating committee with the goal to carefully balance many factors like needed skills and geographical and sector representation. However, it was also deemed important that we have directors chosen directly by the Drupal community to make sure that the community is always well-represented.

We’re holding our first open community elections! Two community “at large” directors will be elected to the Drupal Association Board of Directors, and YOU can get to say who they are!

Where to find out about candidates

Who can vote?

Voting is open to all individuals who registered an account on prior to January 18, 2012 and who have logged into that account at least once in the one-year period prior to February 3, 2012.

There is no need to register to vote. The voting system has been set up and prepopulated with the list of eligible voters.

How to vote

  • Log in to this site.
  • Visit the page. After clicking through, you will be asked to rank each of the eligible voters, from 1st (top choice) to 10th (last choice). You also need to check a box confirming you’re an eligible voter. Make your selections and save the form. That’s it!

How does voting work?

The voting is done using the “Instant Runoff” voting method, powered by Decisions module. For more about this method of voting, please see this helpful YouTube video which explains it with post-it notes:

Can I change my mind after I’ve voted?

Yes! Before the close of voting, you can return to the voting form, cancel your previous vote, and submit a new vote.

When will voting close?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 is the last day of voting. Voting will close at 00:00 UTC on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

How will results be determined and announced?

When voting closes, a four-member elections team will review the results and post them to this site ( Results will then be forwarded to the Drupal Association board for ratification.

The election team includes Angela Byron, DA board member; Cary Gordon, DA board member; Nedjo Rogers, DA advisory board member; and Thomas Svenson, Drupal community member who participated in the community process of planning the elections.

Why was voting delayed?

We had focused a bit too much on organizing the elections and left finalizing the actual voting system till the last minute. After several community members and Drupal Association staff pitched in, we got the elections system up about 3 hours after the planned opening of voting.

Wait. Only XXX eligible voters? What gives?

Despite the fact that the voting form lists far fewer, there are actually 270K accounts that fit the voter eligibility criteria. Valid accounts are added to the electorate list when they visit the Association website. These shenanigans are due to the Bakery module, our single-sign on solution, and the requirement to reconcile peoples’ user IDs and their user IDs.

Problems and solutions

If you believe you are eligible to vote and try to vote and cannot or encounter some error, please post an issue to the Drupal Association issue queue, selecting “elections” as the component.

More about the elections