W3C community convenes online for TPAC 2020

October 12th, 2020

TPAC 2020 logo Today marks the start of TPAC 2020, our 20th Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meetings week!

The W3C Community convenes remotely for our annual all-groups meetings which are online and virtual for the first time since 2001 and will span at least three weeks. The event focuses on collaborative meetings to create momentum and collective brainstorming and brings together W3C technical groups, the W3C Advisory Board, TAG, and Advisory Committee. Because TPAC is a way to meet with others, discuss and share ideas, our attendees can hang out in the virtual TPAC lounge and open meeting rooms at any time.

This week is dedicated to joint meetings (12-16 October) of W3C workgroups, which have self-organized their own meetings as early as late September. Next week will host the semi-annual member-only W3C Advisory Committee meeting (20 October). And the following week is dedicated to the TPAC breakout week (26-30 October), most of which will be open the public for the first time, aiming to ensure the fullest range of users and perspectives is represented and encoded in Web standards.

Breakouts are proposed by the community on a variety of topics relating to W3C activities. TPAC attendees may suggest breakout sessions until October 19th via the wiki. Breakout participants contribute to discussions and connect with people working on ideas that may not fall within their usual areas of activity.