W3C Invites Implementations of UI Events KeyboardEvent code and key Values

June 2nd, 2017

The Web Platform Working Group invites implementation of UI Events KeyboardEvent code and key Values:

  • UI Events KeyboardEvent code Values: This document provides an overview of the various keyboard layouts and specifies the KeyboardEvent.code values that should be used for each of the keys. Unlike the key values described in UIEvents-key, the code values are based only on the key’s physical location on the keyboard and do not vary based on the user’s current locale. This specification was formerly titled DOM Level 3 KeyboardEvent code Values.
  • UI Events KeyboardEvent key Values: This document specifies the set of valid key attribute values that must be used in the KeyboardEvent.key attribute to encode the key’s meaning. The key value for a particular key will differ based on the user’s current locale setting.