W3C Strategic Highlights – November 2017

November 17th, 2017

Core innovation [Lightbulb design credit: Freepik] W3C released today its W3C Strategic Highlights – November 2017, a comprehensive survey of the essential work W3C conducts to achieve a Web for All, and select recent work in many areas where the Web can solve arising problems for real people.

A strong emphasis in this report is on the core of the Web and how selected technologies and features amount to incredible core innovation once again. Our vision of the Web for 2020 and beyond encompasses long-resident Web Applications, extending browser features, offline support, app-like performance, a flexible platform accommodating Digital Publishing, payments, video distribution, games, and immersive experiences.

The W3C Strategic Highlights focus on how our strategy and workflows support the advancement of the Web, how W3C meets Industry needs, fosters a Web for all and how W3C is embarking on the next transformation of the Web.

We also invite you to read W3C CEO’s thoughts on TPAC2017, our yearly event where W3C work group meet face-to-face, which we held last week in the San Francisco area and was highly successful for the energetic presentations it generated, and the lively conversations it allows nearly 1,000 attendees to have.