W3C Strategic Highlights, Spring 2017

June 7th, 2017

AC 2017 logoW3C made public its W3C Strategic Highlights – Spring 2017, a comprehensive survey of select recent work. The Web has grown to be the technical infrastructure of Society –the universal connectivity platform. It continues to change business and society, and just as business and society evolve, new needs arise, new opportunities for more captivating experiences need addressing. The Web needs scaling to the opportunity and an organization focused on addressing opportunities. From everyday needs of Web users, to Industry impact, W3C’s vision has four areas of excellence: Strengthening the core of the Web, exciting with the next level experiences, extending the reach of the Web, and meeting Industry needs. This report, was prepared for discussion during the Spring W3C Advisory Committee Meeting. Read W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe’s perspectives on this meeting and W3C’s Vision on our Blog.