Wall Factory

September 10th, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD! This component went from commercial to FREE.

Wall Factory will allow you to create and maintain a board wall on your website. Most significant extension features are:

* a quick way to send and receive messages, to share images, embedded videos, URL’s, mp3 files and document files (doc, pdf, txt).
* every user can create his own wall.
* Wall members can upload, watch or download Media files.
* option to follow or to be followed by other wall owners.
* manage Followed walls.
* User Avatars: users can upload their own avatar or use their Gravatar avatar.
* Statistics for all and each wall owner regarding posts and media uploaded available on the backend.
* customizable eMail notifications for the new events in on the wall (new post, new comment, reported post, etc).
* Customizable bookmark sites (Digg, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
* CAPTCHA for comments.
* Integrated Search Plugin.