November 23rd, 2012

WantOwnFacebook Want-Own Button for product page.

On facebook it will look like this

Benefits to the site admin :

* By adding this module to your shop, you can allow users to show thier desire to buy your product or claim the ownership of it, if they have purcahsed it already.
* Existing or potential customer can see how many people already own this, so they can trust your website after seeing the count of Own
* If the customer chose to buy later, if your product is out of stock currently, if you have not displayed price etc in such case customer may click Want button to show their desire and interest in your product.
* All these activity will be posted on their Facebook timeline. So you get social visibility as well at the same time

Benefits to the site customer :

* After clicking any of the two buttons, customer can show to their friends what they already have or wish to purchase
* They may get comments and views from their friends if someone already has the same product

Features :

* Adds two buttons called Facebook Want and Facebook Own on the product detail page
* Shows count of current product Want & Own on your site particularly
* Customer can not click Want/Own again if he has already clicked it once.