WatchMouse Public Status Dashboard Widget

July 26th, 2011

WatchMouse Public Status Dashboard WidgetA WatchMouse widget that allows Joomla Users to easily publish information about the availability and performance of critical services.

The new widget enables Joomla users to easily publish their WatchMouse Public Status Page/s within the Joomla CMS system by simply installing a component and module. The Joomla component uses the WatchMouse API to download the monitoring results, and push them directly to a Joomla website, letting users display live availability and performance information on their Joomla-built website.

The WatchMouse Joomla widget allows Joomla users, developers and site designers to:

· Publish hourly, daily or weekly availability and performance data
· Display data using a range of maps, charts and graphs
· Adjust the look and feel using CSS or use a selection of pre-existing styles which can be tweaked

To see an example page please visit: